The features list for JBERP is not limited to what we mention for the application, every requirement for the application would be a featured module for the application.

On top of the different management and reporting modules equipped with the application, there are available add-on features like sms/email notifications of reports, pdf report generation, etc.

The modules are designed based on the inputs of client's business/organisation. The available options in every module for the JBERP package will generically include create, list, edit, delete and report options.


Technology used

  • LAMP server
  • Source coded:
    • PHP MySQL
    • jQuery
    • Ajax
    • CSS and HTML
    • PHP encryption technology used to protect/authenticate the code
  • Web Hosted (Cloud application) on s dedicated server or dedicated 3rd party servers with SLA, so no manual installation or messy pc configuration which troubles you.


Why cloud hosting

  • Uninterrupted activity - you can access it anywhere
  • Works on any connection
  • Works on any device (mobile/tablet)
  • Not dependent on any other software or hardware
  • Data is secured and constant back up stored in the cloud
  • Simple, Safe and Flexible

Support offered

  • Professional developers providing solutions to your ERP needs.
  • Our expedite support network, which offers consistent technology support, will deliver at your will.
  • Support team which provides regular updates for the application along with backup solutions.
  • Commitment to our product and solutions, JBERP concurs to deliver with your full satisfaction without any compromises.