Employee Management System

  • Employees are the backbones of any organisation, it is essential to systematise the operation and management of the resources.
  • Comprehensive Employee management systems should cover the functionality of accounting, payroll and reporting efficiently.
  • JBERP has modules that provide smooth functionality to the employees by providing flexibility and control in inputting attendance, reporting tasks, assigning tasks, managing payroll and much more.
  • With effective employee management tools you are empowered with the capable of handling employees at different locations, thus gaining virtual control on their activities.
  • Equipped with multi-level privileges and access controls, handling multiple employees across various projects is done easily.
  • Extensive reporting for all your actions within the application.
  • Simple and easy interface, so no training or confusion.
  • Expedite backend support to help you out when you are in trouble
  • Cloud application - uninterrupted access, anywhere.