Pre Sales and Marketing Management

An overview

Marketing follow-up system (MFS) is a simple system to manage your marketing campaigns and followups targeted towards your customers and/or leads.

The simple application gives you capability to handle email and SMS marketing with ease, without giving more pressure on your marketing department. The application is designed to simplify your operations and make your life easy.

Manage your leads like never before

The follow up campaigns are created with auto followup set up for your leads or customers, with that follow up is done in just a click. Managing leads with your latest information works like a breeze with MFS, the best part is you get to do this at a very economical price, compared to market standards.

Who can use it

Every business which needs a tint of marketing without the hustle of marketing department can go for the application, the application helps manage templates and customer/ lead base in a simple and efficient manner, thus making your life easy.

Features and benefits

  • Cloud application - ensures you can track your payments anywhere and on the go.
  • SMS and Email follow ups for payments.
  • User activity tracking - Know who followed up when.
  • Simple and easy to use - No training, No installation and No fuss.

What’s your ROI

When the base of your marketing operations are covered efficiently you can always focus on growth of your organisation. Using MFS, the mail and SMS marketing is automated thus providing you leverage on other activities of your business. The investment you make on MFS is much credited as it directly focuses on your prime area of your business, your customers!