What is JBERP?

ERP packages, custom built to meet the requirements of your businesses produced by J B Soft System, the designing process of JBERP goes well beyond the scope of your problems and tries to add more value to your business processes.

Every module of JBERP is customised based on the business model of your organisation. JBERP is essentially an baseline ERP application in its core which is well molded and adaptive to your business processes, which purposely aims to enhance the output of your organisation, generating higher efficiency and revenues to your organisation.

How JBERP is different from other ERPs

Standard ERP packages available in the market are traditionally designed to meet the nominal needs of businesses which would include many modules and features that are seldom used in most organisations in the present day. When the ERP package doesn't offer customisation and you start using it, there is lag in your processes, and you will have to forcefully change your processes based on the application or drop the usage of it. With JBERP you won't confront such situation, JBERP offers simplicity, high level of flexibility and convenience that meets your business requirements.

Furthermore JBERP doesn't burn a hole in your pocket, as the pricing is economical compared to the market standards. The investment in JBERP enables organisations to reap benefits in many folds, the support and maintenance offered post the set up of the application ensures that you stay ahead in terms of technology.

JBERP is not just any ERP, it enables value addition to your processes saving you time and providing you efficient tracking and process handling.

JBERP linked with simplicity, functionalities of ERP, cost efficiency, customised reporting and tracking, flexibility.

How can JBERP help your business

Unlike other ERP packages available, JBERP addresses the root of your needs, JBERP is an application which withholds the functions of an ERP, created with the inputs obtained from your business. Designed with the sole purpose of meeting out your base requirements, keeping in mind the flexibility and functionality required for your users.

JBERP is not limited to the size of organisation, it is functional and efficient irrespective to the quantitative norms and size of the organisation, JBERP can be applied to a small firm as well a multilevel organisation, the output of the package is modified according to the requirements and needs of your organisation.

JBERP eases your operations by streamlining your processes, automating the steps where and when required.

When the process is optimized to work towards efficiency, your business gains the potential to reach increased organisational effectiveness thus avoiding the overheads and generating more revenue.