Customisation to the ERP makes JBERP all special and worth its investment. It is common to assume that your needs are fairly close to everyone else's, and you don't require a customised ERP software. However, Generic approaches tend to miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to the way of your business. Customisation puts the users of JBERP and your organisation at the heart of the system.

Organisations have long acknowledged the advantages of customising their application and spend millions to towards it. With JBERP customisation is made affordable for small and medium sized companies as well.

Comfortable screens which adapt to your needs

When ERP packages are designed for different clients they are catered to many different needs. Hence the common package consists of many different modules and functionalities which will not be required to one another. This is the reason most ERP software screens have many fields you won't need. With JBERP the screens and fields are customised to your needs which provides you and your users a comfortable access.


No brick walls

Sooner or later, will face a situation that falls outside the bounds of the ERP application you use. You'll recognize this as:

  • A text, number, date or checkbox field in the application you use
  • The need to add 2 or more fields where only one exists, etc.

This is bound to happen to anyone, this is where our Support team kicks in, all you need to do is, raise a support request to our team, they check with you for its functionality and implement it as an update to your JBERP package.