CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • Customers are the root of any business and it is essential to manage your customer database with complete flexibility and control
  • Our CRM tools are developed based on your customer segment, as every segment is different from other, we apply essential tools in our CRM package to handle your customers
  • The CRM tools contain automated solutions such as Payment follow up system and marketing follow up system, these are very vital in handling your customers professionally.
  • CRM tools are very essential for any business to drive sales. When you have your customer information up to date, you can make bold sales decisions.
  • To ensure a smooth operation for your marketing and sales departments, investment into CRM packages is a must.
  • The CRM modules available in JBERP is customisable in a way which best fits your market and organisational needs.
  • Extensive reporting for all your actions within the application
  • Simple and easy interface, so no training or confusion
  • Expedite backend support to help you out when you are in trouble
  • Cloud application - uninterrupted access, anywhere.